Tuscan Excellence

Buddy modelling ‘Moàr

‘Made in Tuscany’ represents luxury and excellence. Two different concepts, but often confused and taken as synonyms. Tuscany is known for unique, prestigious products and services but they do not necessarily belong to the world of luxury, as they are linked to regional traditions and have spread all over the world as a symbol of authenticity and usually top level quality.

Choosing a product or service means to express personality through style.

Moàr Jewels, Forte Dei Marmi, Tuscan Riviera

Etymologically speaking, luxury comes from luxus (excess) and defines an excess that goes beyond something; it is actually something for a few people. It could be a pure provocation if it means inflated prices, with no added contents of value. Excellence instead derives from excellentia. It establishes a concrete quality, an ability for improvement. An artisan, an industry, a company is excellent when they are producing something better than others. When they get to an absolute superiority, a very high level of perfection, pushing towards products that are not necessarily flashy but look towards their real and concrete value.

Luxury could very quickly be value or provocation, as it finds its top in rarity, uniqueness, surely in beauty and quality but most of all in higher costs. The definitions of these concepts are easier to understand if we read both subjective and objective interpretations. Its the way the object or service is perceived by their users that changes the definitions.

I want to clarify that excellence is the essence of life, while luxury is superficial.
The Tuscan excellence is both of these concepts together.