In order to discover, you must first get lost.

The Tuscan Riviera is beneath the Apuan Alps, along the sea, between Pisa and Cinque Terra.

Forte Dei Marmi in Versilia is a one stop shop for high end shopping, luxurious king-sized villas, fine dining, Italian designer boutiques, super cars, endless lanes of flowers, adorable cyclists, barking babies in baskets, palm trees, the sea and mountains.

Flooded with the wealthiest locals north of Florence and all of Russia, enjoying their chic vacations.

photo by #fortedeimarmistyle

Forte was first heard of in 1518 when the Medici family forced Michelangelo to leave Carrara, the city of marble. They had him move to Monte Altissimo ‘High Mountain’ over the nearby village of Seravezza.

Buddy beachin’ it in Forte

In Italian ‘Forte dei Marmi’ means ‘Fort of the marbles’ in the beginning of the 19th century it became where the marble quarried from the Alps was stocked before being sent to the pier for shipping.