Don’t just vacation in Italy, vacation like a first class Italian.

I really believe that in order to find new places you must get lost first. Ha, the stories I would like to share.
I am here to talk about a private place called Forte Dei Marmi, Versilia in the province of Lucca on the Ligurean Sea and beneath the Apuan Alps.

In Italian ‘Forte Dei Marmi means ‘Fort of the marbles’ it was built in 1788 to defend the coast from outer attacks but in the beginning of the 19th century it became where the marble quarried from the Alps was stocked before being sent to the pier for shipping. The same mountains of the famous Carrara marble. However, Forte has been known since 1518 when the Medici family forced Michelangelo to leave Carrara and move to Monte Altissimo ‘High Mountain’ over the nearby village of Seravezza.

Picture long roads with countless stunning king-sized villas, bicycles, supercars, dogs and dogs in baskets, luxury stores, boutiques, flowers, colours, palm trees, water and mountain views.
Flooded with the wealthiest locals from Milan, Florence, Germany and Russian, their flashy cars, easily one of the most luxurious lifestyles that Italy has to offer. Michelin restaurants, private beaches, villa parties. Each Wednesday there is a local market with deep discounts of designer clothes, leather goods and other products. Gushing with style. Celebrities vacation here and it’s not uncommon to be in the social lite with Buddy and myself by yourside.

From my house in Vinci the drive is just over an hour. It’s very close to Pisa, so for those of you interested I may concierge or host you through a smashing holiday.

During my time getting lost Buddy and I, were found by a large family that is originally from Milan but is currently living in New York. I’d never been here before but I went for it and in doing so, we arrived to a completely full beach and everything else was rented out months in advance. Gorgeous stuff by the way. The beach dude turned us down in an instant due to full capacity and too many women flirting with him but at the same time the grandma of the family came to the rescue and got us settled. There was no where to put us so she asked to set us up with them. Second row, huge cabana, I’ve got the sea in front of me, Buddy extremely happy next to me and the gorgeous Apuan Alps behind us!

During this day of bliss, we met so many people because of Buddy’s dashing good looks and behavior. We’ve made some friends including the ones from MOAR jewelry in the heart of Forte’s shopping scene which involves high end shopping and designer boutiques up to your ears. MOAR is my Tai Chi partner and friend Marco Morini’s personal project. He is the son of the local jewelers ‘Morini’. It’s raw and trendy, very exclusive. He is willing to take us out on the town, meet a chef or two before he invites us back to his store for a private viewing which is going to take your breathe away like everything else if you’re into this kind of thing!

For any inquiries please contact me by email and we will see about getting your party, and what your definition of that is, started.