Destination Weddings

The last time you came to Italy you might have fallen in love.

If this time around you hear wedding bells, hear them by immersing yourselves in the extraordinary Italian countryside. Have your day created by myself, an utter less romantic collaborating with the most trusted, known and qualified in the business to mesmerize you and your loved ones.

I will be studying in Florence to follow my dreams as a wedding planner, for the most elegant and out of this world events. In the mean time:

Make your dreams come true at:

Casale di Polline, nestled along Roman lakes on the summit of a hill, a brilliant ancient home with a flood of charm. An ambiance of poetic landscape with the frame of wide cultivated fields and noble trees.

Susafa, a divine destination and true gem in the Sicilian countryside. Indicated as one of the best structures to organize special events. ‘An atmosphere that flows slowly, without hastle, without stress’. For those seeking style and history, in complete respect of nature. This beautiful place belongs to the family of the soul the brought me to Italy. It is peaceful and about an hour drive from plenty of major sites. The property is from the 18th century and made of stone. The food prepared will rob you of your ability to speak.

They have: 19 rooms, a superb restaurant with convention rooms, a swimming pool, a cellar/bar, an organic vegetable garden, two fruit orchards and 3000 hectares of wheat fields. Located inland from Cefalu’ and outside Polizzi Generosa, the home of Domenico Dolce from Dolce & Gabbana.

Open from March to November. I am accepting wedding requests and groups for a full immersion in Sicilian food, culture and lifestyle.

To be continued..