Forte Dei Marmi

August in Italy is a major holiday month. As soon as our vacation sequence initiated the car was packed and loaded. This floofball being the essential:

Hello vacation pillow

The plan was mostly unplanned. Get to the beach and shift into dolce far niente mode. Before making it to the beaches of Forte we crashed in Pisa. We stayed at the Garibaldi b&b suites along the Arno River and our room had a view we both couldn’t get enough of.

The next day we took the highway to Versilia and parked the car in a stunning villa zone of Forte Dei Marmi and embarked on our walk to the beach.

LUCKILY for us, the beach was full and there was nothing available. Then, BAM. Buddy had new babysitters and their parents invited us to their cabana, along the water! The sea up ahead, blissful Buddy and pockets of Carrara marbles in the alps behind us.

Lunch time!

During this day of bliss, we were invited to many tables, as always on account of Buddy and his buddiness. We befriended great locals and their little barking babies.

One particular friendship lead me to explore my interest in Taiji. Another brought me to feast my eyes of the Carrara mountains. Countless lovely families and their children so abundantly added to my life in Vinci. Needless to say, this is a destination we will be visiting a lot of, even well after the summer is over. The Christmas season and Easter in Forte are also great times to visit.