An Italian Dream

You ought to try eating and living like an Italian in your life and your life just might completely change.

We live in a time where so much happens when you LEAST expect it and so you could think it was easier to fall into the most exciting situations. I ask you to trust me with this task and I will show you how I enjoy feeling alive.

I will maneuver you through the best time between Rome or Florence filled with the best foodie surprises in the city, the stunning countryside and ports. It’s easy to feel lost and waste time but with me and my handpicked restaurant choices, resorts, and secret locations plus the locals to befriend you will certainly feel that you have seen and done it all while visiting this marvellous destination country well. Whether it be more traditional or something modern, let me help you into the real Italian groove and away from all the tourist **** We shall eat and drink the best and be right in the middle of la dolce vita. 

What to drink, when and where to drink it, with what to drink it with and even why is all just one request away. I promise a good time, I love this life and I love aiming to share it with good people.

Depending on your personalized itinerary Buddy will join for most activities. He’s the real ice breaker here..

In a few words, Italy is an oyster of everything amazing and I can show you.