The other side of Rome Part 2

When I’m not in Prati, I’m often in Parioli which is in the northern area of Rome and about a 40 minute walk from the center. The TV series ‘Baby’ was filmed in Parioli.  I’ve worked there, moved there and then I moved away and continued to work there. Contrary to lawyers and courts it is full of embassies and private schools. Conveniently adjacent to the cities most beautiful gardens ‘Villa Borghese’. This neighborhood is packed with hidden gems roaming with wealthy locals. 

It’s chic and filled with little cars and style. 

I love coming to Parioli because it’s residential yet abundant bars and restaurants to get together in. Like Prati there are plenty flower lanes and piazzas to have gelato in. You will not find tourists here but you might make a Parioli friend around Buddy’s fluff. 

Parioli isn’t very easy to get to as there is no metro however there is an adorable tram from Prati that connects the two and the route is quite scenic (number 19 from Ottaviano metro station). My favourite point of interest is the Modern Museum of Art which is an entrance for the villa. Across the museum there are steps and mid year there’s an outdoor pop up cocktail bar with live performances, the venue is named Satyrus. 

Unfortunately I’ve lost two phone since I’ve moved here and lost all photos. Please check my Instagram accounts for some shots in gorgeous places in Rome.