Imagine the morning taking in the sites at Pisa’s leaning tower or Duomo in Florence for a picturesque breakfast in preparation for a blissful day in the Tuscan countryside.
This day features Leonardo Da Vinci and his birth-town. Not necessarily the town itself, but the ocean of vineyards and olive trees, that I am lucky enough to call one of my many Italian homes.
Charming gourmet chefs and local artisans join us in a private villa to speak about and share their Tuscan excellence. Offering my favourite aphrodisiacs and ingredients paired with my personal poison of wines to have you howling for more. You will learn about these foods through entertaining stories, and experience the harmonic tango that I personally vouch for.
Afterwards, you will wine and dine a full-course lunch in a specialty restaurant within the stunning hills of Vinci. Relaxing, socializing and indulging in the sweetness of doing nothing while your eyes and stomach feast like a first-class Italian.
Once our afternoon in the countryside is over. You will enjoy a Michelin starred aperitivo that could extend into a champagne sabering ritual in either Pisa or Florence.
I am going to need you from dusk until dawn and perhaps beyond.
Prices are variable upon the personal taste of guests.


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