Roman lakeside with private chef



May I offer you, an educational lakeside soiree under the Roman sun? Drinking fine wine and treating your palette.
If you’re looking for tourists, I assure you that you will not find them!
The lake in question is 40 kilometres north of Rome. We’ve got a short and sweat detour to eat cake on a panoramic terrace at the top of a village, filled with exciting stories, built upon volcanic cliffs. Because well, that’s acceptable for breakfast!
After getting lost in this bohemian town, we will get back on the road to begin our pre-lunch aperitivo, at a lakeside bar immersed in bliss and barking babies. You shall indulge in wines, cheese, cured meats and my favourite aphrodisiacs paired with their interesting backgrounds.
My personal gourmet chef will guide us in the preparations of my favourite roman dishes in a fun workshop before a full course lunch is exclusively prepared for us!
The afternoon will be spent lounging and listening to appropriate music.
These events are only available during the week of the summer months. Last minutes requests are not likely due to the busy season.
Food, drinks and transportation are included in the price, and around 9 am is when we should hit the road!


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