Picnic on hill terraces over looking Rome



Rome – synonymous with romance. Invites you to do as romantic locals do, indulge in a picnic with extraordinary flavours in cured meats, cheeses, more and wine over-looking the beautiful city. Rome has seven hills and observation terraces that have been open to the public for over a hundred years. You may openly drink alcohol in them or in a square until 10 pm. I propose to do the food planning and bring along a variety of pairings from a gourmet shop accompanied by the proper white and red wine. It will be an informative, fun and gorgeous tastings experience that lasts as long as possible, depending on the time of year. We will talk about life, opportunities – mostly in Italy, food, and things to do for the rest of your trip. Afterwards, we may take a walk towards a lively area hidden from the touristic eye. To enjoy a local dining experience before visiting one of the best gelato shops and that would be another 2-3 hours and a separate cost.

Ciao belli 


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