Whether you are roaming Rome, arriving in Santa Maria Novella for a day in Florence, planning a trip to Sicily, looking for an island to get lost on, even buying art and marble in Carrara. My diverse list of contacts becomes yours. I will be there for you even if I am not physically there. This is a complimentary, life-long service to those whom I have had the pleasure of hosting.

After getting to know to know a bit about you, I am able to suggest just the right hotels, unforgettable restaurants and cafes, shopping itineraries based on interests, sightseeing musts, tricks of the trade, and local secrets. Your trip will be organized by someone with endless love for creating beautiful memories and relationships in Italy.

I will curate every faucet of your journey, including last minute arrangements as much as possible. I will directly contact hotels and restaurants on your behalf for special requests and much more.


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