Emotional marble tour



Most of us only know marble as the final product in the chain of consumption.

However, there exists a pulsing heart of its origins. Beneath the Apuan Alps, in Carrara, lie caves from which Michelangelo, Donatello and Bernini shopped for their materials and where their sculptures were born.

My emotional marble tour includes a Land Rover Defenders to bring us up the steep roads, to the highest peaks. To awaken our sights through magnificent and unique scenery at 1000 meters altitude, overlooking the white ocean of marble. Where a perfectly laid out table awaits us with local ingredients to delight our taste. The beautiful sounds of baroque music to intrigue our hearing. Before leaving, a famous sculptor will follow your first steps, starting from a raw marble piece until your first “artwork”, gifting you the opportunity to “caress” different finishing stages of a sculpture. The air and aromas that dance under your nose will become embedded in your mind and heart.

At the end of this break dedicated to ourselves, the thrilling off-road adventure along the path of refined tastes, emotional experience and dive into the history of art. A refreshing break is due before an evening of tastings, marble art shopping opportunities at Cibart®, followed by an excellent restaurant 30 minutes away in Forte Dei Marmi, the luxurious Tuscan Riviera.

Pickups and drop-offs are available from and to nearby airports and train stations.

More photos coming soon, kindly contact me for customized quotes.


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