“La Cabez di Cimon”
Each Cabez is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity attesting to the fact that the work is original.

An original, functional and quality studio specializing in handmade artistic artefacts for interior and exterior furnishings, realized from Carrara marble, unique ceramic, Tuscan terracotta, onyx, mosaics of various kinds, natural stones and wood, enhancing decorative tailored solutions designed to adapt to the place and context for which intended.

The sculptors, Andrea and Simone Dell’Amico create and design customized solutions that work interchangeably as sculptures of art, furnishings and furniture. Depending on the material they are made of, the size in which they are made, they can take up forms of multiple-use. From a single object of art, each piece is a unique piece, from an interior lamp to dining ensembles and garden vases, up to real elements of urban architecture such as fountains, washbasins, planter pots with designated seating and 3D wall concepts.

Wall Elements provide puzzle wall installations formed by modules of the same size, but different thickness. This particular combination enhances the optical effect. These are Q3 Elements by the twins Andrea and Simone.


CIBART08® is the showroom bar, that proposes an innovative connection, a delicious harmony if you will, between the art realized by Andrea and Simone Dell’Amico of Studioformart® and local gastronomy.

Located in the colourful Piazza Alberica, situated in the heart of the historical Carraraand at the feet of the Carrara marble caves. Designed as a multifunctional open space, a bar and wine gallery, an exhibition hall, a meeting place, a cultural exchange area and space used for educational tastings and a hands-on art shopping experience. 

Piazza Alberica and Cimon’s heads on display

CIBART08® was born to enhance the artistic touches of the atelier by a versatile, original and experimental approach.

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